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In order to expand the introduction and development of the new irrigation system Undrcover, its creator Studio Blauw will be working alongside Modiform, manufacturer and distributor of packaging for the horticultural sector.

Whether you are looking to improve your plug production, are searching for higher quality pots and transport trays, or seeking better retail solutions, we are here to help you!

Are you looking for sustainable solutions? Then come and discover Modiform ECO EXPERT!

On Wednesday June 15, 2016, six A-brand companies will organize the second edition of ‘The Synergy of Growth’ event for their international relations. The ultimate opportunity to meet and network with international counterparts, enjoy good company, food & drinks and live entertainment.

Coulored pots

With the new prestigious pot, Modiform is also introducing a full range of coloured pots available now from stock. 

Modiform's prestigious pot is a new generation of pots that is improved and renewed in every possible way. 

Tailor made

Modiform ensures that you always have a complete range of products from which to choose - available immediately and always in stock. We also develop products based on your desires and preferences: our custom concepts. These vary from unique labelling and product concepts to specific packaging solutions, and enable Modiform to create products that meet the special preferences of your customer.

The Netherlands, 15 January 2016

Sungrow is now introducing PlantPaper® - an environmentally friendly and compostable alternative for use in the production of paperpots. The product is being launched in cooperation with Modiform, who have developed a range of trays for the new paperpots.

We will be happy to discuss with you te latest developments from our company.

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Innovative, distinctive, of social relevance, an example to other companies and organizations. Beautiful words! And all of them describe Modiform. 

We had a successful IPM in Essen this year! The major culmination was the standparty, where +/- 350 customers/partners were present.

NEW! Chrysal Aqua Pad can be used in a tray.

To meet growing demands from the market for Aqua Pads, Chrysal International, Flier Systems and Modiform have joined forces in developing a complete application solution. The "Aqua Pad in tray" will be launched at the IPM in Essen.

UK’s biggest garden retailer, B&Q, has been highly commended at the National Waste Recycling Awards for its new polystyrene-free packaging for bedding plants.

In April, B&Q announced plans to replace all polystyrene trays, across its bedding plants range, with an innovative new concept. easyGrow™ with Teabag Technology™ is not only 100% recyclable but is also between 95% to 99% peat-free, removing peat from commercial plant production.

Last week Modiform UK exhibited at the largest Horticultural show in the UK, the Four Oaks Show. Over 400 exhibitors from the UK and mainland Europe showed their products over two days. As part of the show there were 130 companies who entered their new product designs in various categories to win industry awards.

Ball Colegrave, a valued customer of Modiform is delighted to welcome professional Bedding and Pot Plant Producers, Garden Centres, Parks, Landscapers and Garden Designers to its Trials Grounds in West Adderbury this Summer. The site has come alive with a spectacle of colour with what is undoubtedly the most exciting and innovative presentation of its kind in the UK.

Teabag Technology drives 1m extra sales, says B&Q

Growers Coletta & Tyson and Roundstone are celebrating after B&Q’s new "Teabag Technology", easyGrow bedding packs helped sales increase by 1m packs this spring.


Two years ago a unique horticultural cluster was formed, NethWork (‘Think Orange, Grow Green’) consists of 17 complementary Dutch companies focusing on the innovative and sustainable development of horticulture in Central America. 

Speaking of attractive eye-catchers, Modiform designed a special tray for Ikea, and the home furnishings company is set to use it worldwide. The trays designed especially for Ikea have been in use in the Dutch stores since early November.
Ikea was looking for an eight-hole tray for a new range of ceramic pots. The desired design was: four trays, each of which was to hold eight specimens of the ceramic pot, equating to 32 pots per layer of the CC container (Danish trolley).

In practice, however, this turned out to be unfeasible as the pots were too heavy for each tray. In cooperation with Bunnik Plants in Bleiswijk, Modiform therefore designed an alternative: a four-hole tray with eight trays per layer of the CC container, thus ensuring 32 pots per layer of the CC container. This way, the total requirement of 32 pots has been met and the individual trays are easy to handle. It is a smart solution, and one that both Ikea and Modiform are pleased with.

Every client is special to Modiform. And we know that every client request is unique. We find a solution and a path for every question or request put to us by our clients, from pots or trays from our extensive range to product and concept development through co-creation. On Thursday 21 February, during IPM ESSEN, we organised a stand party where we presented our new theme: Modiform, a way for you!

The newly-developed 3-hole tray for 19-cm pots (article 7319) has been so well-received in the market that Flora Holland now intends to permit settlement of this tray type in the packaging pool.
We are proud to announce this decision, which is further proof of our ability to develop products that tie in with the needs of the floricultural market, based largely on innovation and the resultant chain savings.

 Until recently hedera grower Carlo van den Berg served only the houseplant market with different cultivars in two pot sizes. He wanted to broaden out and was able to do so by means of a sales concept tailored to the garden market. With Green for Life the consumer buys a four-pack containing young hederas, which are nice for filling up trays of blooming bedding plants. An inspiring and informative carrying strap has been added to stimulate sales.

© Onder glas


EINDHOVEN – LED lighting can be used to encourage roots to grow on cuttings and to promote tissue growth. Daylight is in fact not necessary for these tasks. This has been demonstrated by the Eindhoven-based company Boereboom Stekcultures. Until now, Boereboom has been growing roots in greenhouses under daylight .These greenhouses take up a considerable amount of space. With various suppliers, including Philips Lighting, the company has now developed a new system.
A temperature-controlled sealed growing room has been built, in which roots are grown on cutting material, and tissue growth is encouraged, without requiring natural daylight.

The IPM 2012 trade show was a success for Modiform. A great many customers were interested in our revamped stand, as well as in our ideas regarding cooperation throughout the chain.

We already held a seminar on this at the Hortifair in the Netherlands, and so this was the follow-up to that. Even the stand party, during IPM's now-famous Thursday evening, saw an excellent turnout. A tweet from one of the many visitors: “Modiform knows how to win over and excite customers at the IPM, magically transforming your stand into a networking centre. A big thank you to Modiform.”

Developing a new concept and ensuring a successful market launch are processes of trial and error. Bedding plant grower Peter van der Plas called in the assistance of the Concept Factory to devise a plan for placing pansies in a higher market segment. Coming up with a good plan is one thing; successfully putting it into practice, however, calls for considerable effort.

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After years of intensive collaboration with the DECORUM Company we are proud that DECORUM ’s appreciation and trust has been expressed in the form of a new 3-year contract up to and including 2014. This is a joint demonstration that co-creation really does bear fruit. A true win-win situation!

Press release

A first for Kwekerij Hoverhof V.O.F. – the new 3-hole 19cm tray.
At least 40% extra capacity!

At the Hortifair in Amsterdam and IPM in Essen, Modiform presented a new tray for the 19cm pot. Following the IPM show the tray went into production and Kwekerij Hoverhof, a Medinilla grower in Sevenum, received the very first trays in week 6.

The IPM fair in Essen, Germany, which was held between 25-28 January, was a great success for Modiform. The fair began quietly on the Tuesday but the other days were very busy. The IPM website also declares: “IPM ESSEN ended as a great success”

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