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Undrcover is an effective water buffer system for consumers, with an attractive design that fits in well with the range of concepts of Modiform. Creator Wahing Lee is delighted at the cooperative venture. ‘The experience and reputation of a strong chain partner like Modiform make a strong contribution to the possibilities for positioning Undrcover well within the market. We can now work on total solutions.’


The irrigation system Undrcover has been used since the beginning of this year by companies including Van der Voort potplanten, Groene Tint, and Butterfly Orchids. The water buffer system ensures that today's consumer does not need to devote as much attention to the care of their plants, can be assured of much more attractive plants, and can enjoy their purchase for much longer. In addition, the pot covers mean that all kinds of different decorative designs can be added around the pot, which considerably augments the attractiveness of the range. Gerben van der Giessen of Butterfly Orchids is very enthusiastic about Undrcover. He sees lots more possibilities. ‘For instance, you can work in a very theme-oriented way, or you can focus on seasons and celebrations such as Christmas. It is also a very flexible system, and can be produced in small print runs.’


Undrcover has been developed by Studio Blauw run by Wahing Lee, who has dedicated himself to the development of innovative and in particular feasible concepts. Wahing is convinced of the added value offered by Undrcover. He is therefore keen to further develop his product and make it widely available. There is already a great deal of interest in Undrcover among manufacturers of houseplants, amongst other sectors, and Wahing is in active discussions with a large number of them. ‘That does mean that the development, production, and distribution of Undrcover needs to be scaled up. With a strong partner like Modiform, we can address the wishes of the interested businesses better and faster, and consequently deliver more custom work.’


In the first instance, Modiform will occupy itself chiefly with the global distribution of Undrcover pots. Undrcover links up seamlessly with the range of concepts that Modiform has built up to date. In this respect, the account team and the distribution network of Modiform ensure the reliable provision of information about Undrcover, as well as good promotion and availability. ‘The cooperative venture ensures that we can develop complete solutions,’ explains Jeroen Ravensbergen, sales manager at Modiform. ‘The focus is then not just on new pot sizes, but also corresponding modified trays, colours, availability, and distribution.’


Undrcover will be making its debut at the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair in November. In the coming weeks, the cooperative venture will continue to take shape, and the product will be launched in autumn.




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