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PlantPaper 100% natural eco-friendliness

Features and advantages of PlantPaper:


  • 100% bio-based and natural 
  • Contains no glue or fossil oil-based plastics
  • 100% decomposable – no contamination when composting 
  • Natural fungus resistance – no fungicides or pesticides needed


Features and advantages of the tray:


  • Optimum light/water ratio in paperpot
  • Specially designed bottom for effective drainage
  • Available in a variety of colours
  • Punched holes on top for good aeration


Partnership PlantPaper and Modiform

Modiform and Paper Plant cooperate closely in the development of an appropriate range of paperpot trays. You can contact Modiform for advice and availability of Plant Paper. Together we will explore the ideal combination of Plant Paper and trays for you.

Plant Paper


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