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Publicatiedatum: 02-04-2019

Our succes story of transparant green PET in the UK

B&Q, a large home improvement store from the United Kingdom, wanted to move away from using Polystyrene (PS) materials, so Modiform suggested the use of different materials. We discovered that transparent green PET bottles are used most by consumers, which results in a large amount of waste. One plus one equals two, which meant that it was a logical step to start making packs from this material. 

What followed was five years of researching the topic and consultations with the consumer waste processing industry. We also researched and tested the materials at growers. The results showed that transparent materials have the highest recycled PET value, but it is not beneficial to have lighttransparency for the roots. On the other hand, transparent green materials limits the light transparency for the roots. Furthermore, customers like seeing the roots of plants! At this stage, we have ensured that potential buyers, retailers, and growers are well informed and that we are considered to be a valued knowledge partner in this field. Currently, 26 different packs are available in PET transparent green!

Transparant green PET:

• 100% post-consumer recycled material
• Recyclable through standard kerbside collection systems
• Easily separated by existing infrared detection systems
• Great plant growth, extensively tested
• Consumers can see the plants roots

Download here the leaflet

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