Modiform initiates sustainable revolution in horticulture!

Publicatiedatum: 20-10-2020

An ambition that will shape horticulture!  


Horizon2025 creates sustainable business opportunities for the entire supply chain

Leusden, 20 October 2020 – Modiform has formulated an ambition that goes beyond its own business objectives and involves the entire horticultural sector. By creating opportunities – together with the ecosystem of customers and partners – Modiform’s Horizon2025 aims to have kicked out virgin plastic by 2025. Beyond its own production and business operations, this objective is also geared toward the entire supply chain. The company wants horticulture to be the first industry to be completely free of fossil based virgin materials. Modiform is taking the lead in working with the entire supply chain to bring about sustainable change in the sector.

Modiform plans to achieve achieving its ambition by using 100% recycled materials, looking for alternative materials such as EcoExpert (100% recycled cardboard), and co-developing sustainable polymer and biopolymer alternatives. Alongside this, the company is doing everything in its power to achieve carbon-neutral production and distribution within five years. Modiform is also going to recycle the entire volume of plastic that it puts on the market and – on top of that – recover 20% more from the environment. Finally, this ambition will be made achievable by creating new sustainable opportunities and converting these opportunities into better solutions for all customers and partners in the supply chain!

Taking the lead
Taking responsibility, responding to consumer needs, and complying with legal requirements leaves no room for complacency. Failing to become sustainable now will mean the battle is lost in the long term. That’s why Modiform is calling on everyone to take up the challenge together: the entire ecosystem of growers, partners, NGOs, governments, retailers, and knowledge institutions will have to join forces in order to remain future-proof.

‘Sustainability has really been at our core since the founding of this awesome family business forty years ago. In order to make the horticultural supply chain sustainable and future-proof, we’re choosing to take a stand now. An ambitious move? Absolutely! Unachievable? Absolutely not! And we want to take on that challenge together. If we work together, we can achieve real change in the sector. We’re calling on everyone to take part!’, says Peter Linthorst, CFO/CEO of Modiform.

From Modiform’s own production to the entire supply chain
Thinking and acting sustainably is in Modiform’s genes. Since the very beginning, before recycling was common practice, Modiform was developing plastic products from recycled raw materials. The figure today is more than 90% recycled material – the company now wants to convert those tough last percentage points! Modiform is also the first and only company to recycle polystyrene (PS) in its own facilities, and it’s been doing so for over thirty years. Modiform is at the forefront of making its own production chain more sustainable. Over the years, more and more steps have been taken toward improving the situation, but now is the time to call upon the entire supply chain to do more.

Want to know more?
Join the opening of GreenTech Live & Online to hear and see more about Modiform’s Horizon2025. If you want to take on the challenge together with Modiform, please get in touch via Together, we’ll make sure the horticulture sector is future-proof!

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