One of the most successful manufacturing companies!

Publicatiedatum: 05-12-2020

We are proud to announce we are in the top hundred as one of the most successful manufacturing companies! We are in the top 5 of highest entrants and took place 69! This top hundred list of Holland's best performing manufacturing companies is being compiled annually by the Dutch magazine MT / Sprout in association with CFI Netherlands. Companies with a Dutch head office and a turnover of up to half a billion euros, supplying their products to B2B companies, are taken into consideration. These businesses have been judged on 4 key factors: turnover, turnover growth, earnings before interest and tax and return on invested capital.

Please click here to view the full Maak100 list of 2020 on the MT magazine website (in Dutch).

Rapport til andre

Modiform offers packaging solutions for Euro Stacking Boxes designed to fit 15 cm pots
Sustainable trays: black and coloured
Design to product in seven weeks
Modiform brings trends to hip Thomsen pots for 2021-2022
A great initiative from Griffioen Wassenaar!
Newey Ltd (UK) and Modiform with a shared sustainable vision!
White thermoform R&R pot with recycling certificate
Ambition: Horizon2025
Modiform Greenovation Award Nominee 2020
Sustainable pots