Sustainability has always been very important to us. Thinking and acting sustainably have been in our DNA for forty years, even when it wasn’t commonplace. We are incredibly proud of this! We produce as much of our range from recycled materials as possible, and we are committed to ensuring that these products can be recycled again.

Recycling your pots and trays

With our Closed Loop Commitment we focus on maximum preservation of materials. Therefore we are happy to help you recycling your pots and trays. Whether it is polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate (PET), we help you to find a suitable solution for processing it. We recycle PS in-house, for the other materials we have partners who take care of this.

Discuss the best recycle solution for you? Please contact our Sales Support 

In-house recycling

We are proud that we have been recycling in-house for over 30 years. Not only our own products but also the waste of our foil and production. We increased the capacity of our recycling department for PS material so that we can process even more returned material. We will be happy to collect your used PS trays so that they can be recycled and made into new trays.

Click here for our in-house recycling video or recycling flowcharts of pots and trays