Colours injection moulded pots


The Thomsen pots are available in more than ninety colours. All pot sizes can be supplied in this colour range. Specific requirements for the dye mean the pots are colourfast. The standard colour range is under development.

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View the standard colour leaflet

Trend colours

Modiform has incorporated the newest style trends into the colour trends for 2021-2022. These colours have then been converted into beautifully coloured injection moulding pots. With a range of colours including pink blush, liver, lime green, ochre and many more! Modiform’s Thomsen pots ensure that growers, garden centres, and DIY stores can effortlessly adapt to the latest hip colour trends. John van der Maarel (Sales Director at Modiform) says, ‘Presenting beautiful products in stunning pots and trays is the perfect way to draw in consumers! We’d be happy to advise our customers in this regard.’

After thorough research, Modiform has selected fourteen colours according to the newest trends in colours. Naturally, the pots are made from 100% recycled materials (PP). After use, consumers can dispose of the pots with the plastic packaging, tins, and drink cartons (PMD) waste, where they will be recycled in their entirety. These sustainable pots are also Cyclos certified. Sustainability and offering products in a trendy way go hand-in-hand!

Discover, experience, and see

From summery yellow to warm brown tones. Colours are meant to be discovered, experienced, and seen. For inspiration, please view the leaflet on the trend colours. Alternatively, please contact us to schedule an appointment.

View the trend colour leaflet