Business case: Linak

Linak receives machine parts in paper and cardboard packaging which creates a significant bottleneck for process automation.

Linak is a hi-tech company based in Denmark and is the global leader in electric linear actuators. They would like to continue production in Denmark but are aware that the local labour costs have a negative impact on the cost price. This is why they have opted for extensive automation. This reduces the costs, allows them to remain in Denmark, and means that employees keep their jobs.

The solution
Linak was looking for partners with similar complex processes and in Modiform they found a partner that could help them find the right solution. The thermoformed trays were the basis for the solutions, but the real power is in the automation solutions developed in co-creation that enabled automation at the Linak factory.

The deciding factor:

  • Technical expertise
  • Sturdiness, dimensional stability, and light weight of the trays
  • Willingness to invest in a new machine
  • Possibility to produce large trays