ecoExpert brandstory

ecoExpert: Biodegradable products made of waste cardboard

ecoExpert of Modiform is a complete range of horticultural products made of recycled FSC cardboard, which after its use is completely naturally degradable. This enables growers to offer an alternative to plastic at the very beginning of the chain. Retailers can use ecoExpert products to respond to the ever-increasing consumer demand for environmentally friendly products.

Time for a sustainable addition
There is a growing awareness that we all need to contribute to a better environment. As a result, consumer demand for more sustainable products is increasing. Of course, it’s important for both grower and retailer to meet this demand.
With the ambition 'Horizon2025' Modiform takes the lead to change the entire industry in a sustainable way together with the entire chain. The aim is to supply products made from 100% recycled materials and to close the material loop. Modiform does this with, among others, the fully biodegradable ecoExpert products. The ecoExpert team is continuously working on the development of more sustainable products.

What are ecoExpert products?
The products offer the grower the possibility to provide both the retailer and the consumer with natural products. The natural look and feel of the products makes them extra attractive to the consumer. The ecoExpert product range contains a large number of trays and pots and is constantly expanded. These products make sure that the plants are properly protected at all times. In addition to the sustainable aspects, in the development Modiform has aimed at an optimal pallet and trolley load, a proper de-stacking, and firmness. All ecoExpert products are certified for recycling (Cyclos), they are food safe, and the cardboard comes from FSC certified sources.

Strong and water resistant: waste cardboard with biodegradable wax
The basis of the ecoExpert products is cardboard pulp. The cardboard fibres are longer than those of paper and therefore result into strong end products. Thanks to the addition of a natural wax, the products are water resistant. Furthermore, the wax is completely biodegradable.

Recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable.
The ecoExpert products are made of 100% recycled cardboard waste. This waste material is abundantly available, and its processing has minimal impact on the environment. After use, the products can be recycled through the normal paper waste system. ecoExpert products are biodegradable. If the products do end up in nature after they are used, they are not harmful to the environment or animals and, unlike plastic products, naturally degrade within a year. All ecoExpert pots can be planted in the ground with their contents, after which they naturally degrade. This not only provides convenience and less environmental impact, but it also prevents the plants from being damaged when consumers remove them from the pot. ecoExpert products can be composted both industrially or at home as well. All ecoExpert products are always friendly to the environment.

Grower, retailer, and consumer friendly
With ecoExpert, Modiform offers benefits for the entire chain:

Grower | From now on, the grower can offer another sustainable alternative and meet the demand of the retailer and the consumer. Especially since this is a total concept consisting of strong and water resistant trays, pots, carry packs and punnets. Just like plastic pots, the new ecoExpert pots can be processed automatically due to their favourable de-stacking. Many of our ecoExpert transport trays are released into the auctions tray rebate system of Royal FloraHolland. These trays have passed the stringent tray tests so growers can obtain their rebate.

Retailer | ecoExpert products are biodegradable, compostable and have a natural look and feel, making them attractive to consumers. The extensive product range allows the retailer to offer a total concept of pots, trays, and other packaging. The trays can be easily disposed of through the standard paper waste system.

Consumer | The consumer can make an even more conscious choice. In addition, the plant can be put in the ground with pot and everything. This ensures that the consumer does not have to rely on recycling to do right by the environment. If the consumer wants to dispose of the pot or a pack, it can be put in the paper bin.