Amevo and Modiform develop lightweight orchid pot

Publicatiedatum: 27-09-2022

Sustainable pot with unique drainage and aeration features

Leusden, 27 September 2022Gardening wholesaler Amevo and packaging system producer Modiform have together developed a unique lightweight pot for cultivating orchids. Not only is this new thermoformed 12 cm cultivation pot more than 25% lighter than existing injection moulding pots, but it also ensures good drainage and aeration thanks to a hole located in the middle of the cone base. A product that brings together improvements in cultivation, innovation and sustainability! This pot is revolutionary, meeting the standards laid down for retailers to reduce plastic consumption. The new pot also makes table loading more efficient. What’s more, the pot can be integrated into virtually any automation system.

Drainage hole
Director of Amevo, Folke van Dorp, said, ‘The central hole makes the pot ideal for orchid growers who have their young plants delivered as glue plugs. The hole in the cone base creates a sort of chimney effect, which helps the glue plug to dry better in the substrate during the cultivation phase.’ Modiform’s Commercial Manager, Mark Bertens, added, ‘Amevo came up with the idea of this thermoform solution on a visit to Modiform. We developed the product together, and Modiform manufactured it. Besides reducing the weight, we have improved the table loading in the nursery and ensured that this pot can be integrated into virtually any automation system. The transparent 17 or 25-hole pots are made of 100% recycled polypropylene material and can also be fully recycled again after use. The product is patented and Cyclos-certified, confirming it can be recycled through household waste. This pot is available exclusively from Modiform and Amevo on demand.’

Sustainable together
This innovative pot is significantly lighter in weight than comparable pots. Van Dorp has seen demand grow for lighter packaging in horticulture. Through Horizon2025, Modiform has set out an ambition to work with the entire supply chain to bring about sustainable change in the sector. And this new cultivation pot is a part of that. Van Dorp has also noticed that major retailers and garden centres are looking for ways to reduce their environmental impact. ‘Another important factor is how scarce raw materials are. By bringing fewer and lighter packaging materials into the supply chain, we are doing our bit. This lighter cultivation pot offers a great deal of benefits.’

About Modiform
Modiform’s focal points for sustainability come together in its Closed Loop Commitment. The material loop can and must be closed. Using the right materials and production techniques reduces products’ environmental impact. The Closed Loop Commitment consists of many building blocks: from sharing knowledge to producing recyclable products made from recyclable materials (like plastic or alternatives like cardboard) for the ecoExpert range. To this end, Modiform focuses on cooperation with a number of chain parties. From breeder and grower, to trade and retail. Modiform supports, facilitates, and develops simple and complex solutions for packaging needs and consequently adds value to the supply chain. Thinking and acting sustainably is in the genes of this family company. Modiform collects materials from wider society and upcycles these into high-quality and unique products as well as innovative concepts.

About Amevo
For many years, Amevo has focused heavily on sustainability in the horticultural sector. Amevo has already seen huge success in selling innovative products such as the Bambini label holders, bio-binding tube, bio-tape, and Eko stake labels. And where plastic products still need to be used because there are no natural alternatives available yet, Amevo always seeks to minimise the environmental impact, as with this new 12 cm orchid cultivation pot.

Editor’s note, not to be published
For more information, please contact Modiform (Mark Bertens, Commercial Manager at Modiform, +31 651 354 358) or Amevo (Folke van Dorp, Director of Amevo, +31 321 387 788).

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