Modiform committed to closing the material loop together

Publicatiedatum: 10-10-2019

The Closed Loop Commitment focuses on maximum preservation of materials

The environmental impact of plastics cannot be ignored. Modiform has always been aware of the need to treat natural resources responsibly. Modiform’s Closed Loop Commitment focuses on maximum preservation of materials and goes further than just recycling. Modiform accepts it’s responsibility and is committed to closing the material loop together by focusing on optimal design, appropriate composition, reduction and recycling of materials and reuse of existing products. This is how unnecessary loss is prevented and the environmental impact of the products is lowered.

Menno Krijger (Sales Director Modiform): ‘Modiform is doing everything they can to close the loop! But we can’t do it all by ourselves. That’s why we would love to have conversations with growers, the horticultural supply and recycling chain. By cooperating together in the chain, we can build more circular systems, making it possible to preserve raw materials for longer.’

With the Closed Loop Commitment Modiform commits to just that, closing the material loop. For example, the doubling of capacity of the their inhouse recycling system for PS, the set up of return systems to collect trays from retailers and growers and also producing trays from 100% recycled plastic (PS) from refrigerators. Modiform also develops products made from alternative materials, such as the EcoExpert range made from recycled cardboard.

Sustainability has been key to Modiform since it’s start in 1980. Since the company was founded, Modiform has developed plastic products made from recycled materials and have also recycled PS material in-house for the last 30 years. Every day Modiform give recycled material a new life together with their customers and chain partners.

Do you want more information or discuss with Modiform how to close the loop together? Please contact them via

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