Modiform’s Eco-Expert trays have a lower carbon footprint than equivalent single use plastic trays

Publicatiedatum: 04-03-2020

The conclusion of an LCA, taking into account production, transport and each end of life scenario

An independent Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was carried out to check Modiform’s carbon footprint of the EcoExpert products compared to equivalent single use plastic products. EcoExpert has a similar CO2 footprint to plastic during the production phase, a higher CO2 footprint during transport (although this is a small part of the overall result) and a lower CO2 footprint taking the end of life into account.

Modiform committed to closing the material loop together. They want to use the right material and production techniques to lower the environmental impact of their products. Therefor this LCA was carried out. The LCA is verified by another independent company and the used method and conclusions are correct.

Three end of life scenarios were used; 100% recycled, partly recycled and not recycled. EcoExpert had a lower CO2 footprint in each scenario. Shaun Herdsman (EcoExpert, Retail & Industry manager Modiform): ‘Taking into account production, transport and each end of life scenario, this range has a lower carbon footprint. We’re proud to achieve this’.

Share of the different processes from the carbon footprint in the current situation:

Potential share of the different processes from the carbon footprint in a closed loop system:

If plastic trays are collected and recycled in an efficient manor then the CO2footprint becomes much closer to that of the EcoExpert range. By focussing on the end of life of plastic trays the impact on the environment can dramatically be reduced. Therefore Modiform challenge themselves and the market to get back the valuable material used in the horticultural supply chain. They invested in their in-house recycling system for PS to increase its capacity to deal with returned material and turn it back into transport trays. Modiform encourage and help wholesalers and retailers to collect the plastic trays and already set up several return systems for trays in Europe. This is the most efficient way to continue to supply the market with plastic transport trays, while lowering the impact on the environment. For more information or to discuss how a shared return system can be created, please contact

Modiform have created and introduced into the horticultural market the EcoExpert range of pots, carry packs and transport trays made from 100% recycled cardboard/carton from FSC resources. The products can easily be recycled through the standard consumer or retailer cardboard recycling system or will degrade quickly in the natural environment.

Download here the LCA results

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