More sustainable thanks to TrayC

Publicatiedatum: 11-01-2024

TrayC: Landgard and Modiform are promoting sustainability.

TrayC products improve and streamline the system for collecting, returning, and recycling transport trays. Landgard has set up a returns system to retrieve the used trays, so that it can sorts them for reuse or recycling. The TrayC products are made of uniform polystyrene (PS) material and contain no dye additives. The uniform use of one type of material increases the recycling rate, so that the transport trays remain within a circular system.

Custom design for Italy
The 14-cm trays, specifically designed for the Italian market, have led to further sustainability gains thanks to reduced transport needs. The number of trays per pallet has doubled compared with previous, similar models, and a Danish trolley can now accommodate five or six trays. Trays from this range are therefore more than just trays: they are an important part of a larger circular system.

Order now
Modiform supplies TrayC products from stock as standard, but be sure to order now if you want to receive the right quantities at the right times.

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