New 160-hole tree tray

Publicatiedatum: 05-03-2020

Strong tree tray perfect for automation

Modiform has added a new tray to its range of tree trays: the 160-hole tree tray. The design of the cup and the folded edge mean the tray is perfect for automation. The new tree tray is strong, so it doesn't bend in the middle when it’s filled with young plants. This contributes to the optimum processing of the tray. The tray also prevents root rotation.

This tray is suitable for tree and plant cuttings such as box (buxus), yew (taxus), conifers, and various grasses. Joyce Langeslag (account manager Propagation Modiform): ‘The big advantage of this tray is it can be automatically processed in an optimal way. This is partly due to the square top of the cup. This provides more space to put the cutting in and take it out.’

Compared with the other models, this tray enables you to grow more plants per/m² – not only does this save you costs, but it’s also good for the environment! The trays consist of over 98% recycled PS material. Modiform collect the used trays at the growers and will recycle them on its premises in their own recycle system for PS to make new trays. That way, Modiform close the material loop together with chain partners.

This new product (product number 2583) is part of the extended range of Modiform’s tree trays. Available in this range are tree trays of 8 to 160-hole cups. Would you like to know more about the new tree tray or discuss how to close the material loop together with Modiform? Please get in touch via

Download here the productleaflet


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