Recyclable bedding packs for automated filling and propagation systems

Publicatiedatum: 03-04-2023

Modiform launches series of packs that eliminate the need to reset the machine 

Modiform is launching a new range of bedding packs: 7601, 7602, and 7604. The 4, 6, and 10 packs are ideal for growers who work with automated filling and propagation systems. That is because all three packs are exactly the same size, and the holes for the handles as well as the label slots are in the same position. This eliminates the need to reset the machine when switching from one pack to another. These bedding packs are specially designed to ensure smooth operations in automatic processes, saving time by reducing handling at the machines. The packs are also designed with a push-out base, so that the plants can be easily and quickly removed. Made from recycled green PET bottles, these Cyclos-certified bedding packs are also 100% recyclable.  

John van der Maarel, Sales Director at Modiform, says, ‘This new series of packs are the same size – 279 x 230 x 65 mm. The 11 x 4 mm, oval handle holes and 22 mm curved label slots are in exactly the same position, just like the eight points that the machine uses to suck up the packs. Thanks to this, a grower does not have to change the machine settings every time they switch between a 4-pack, 6-pack, or 10-pack. These packs are specifically designed for smooth, automatic processing. And of course, we also ensure that growers automatically make a sustainable and high-quality choice with these products. As Modiform is forward-thinking, we are already in the process of developing three more packs in PET transparent green, which we expect to launch in the next two months. This is yet another step in our transition to a range of 100% recyclable packs.’  

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