Sanctions against Russia

Publicatiedatum: 07-04-2022

We are all looking at the war in Ukraine in horror, unable to find the words to describe the terror the victims must be going through. Modiform has customers in both Ukraine and Russia. Orders from Ukraine have been cancelled, for understandable reasons. With regard to the orders in Russia, Modiform’s Board of Directors has decided that there will be no more deliveries to Russian customers. Although this decision will be painful for them – they, too, are often powerless in this situation – we must be strict about this and support the sanctions.

While we are monitoring the effects of the war on raw material supplies and price developments on a daily basis, our attention and support is focused on the Ukrainian people. It is heart-warming to see our sector come out in support of victims worldwide in a way that comes naturally to it: with flowers. Taking part in the #lovenotwar campaign, growers and breeders have been arranging huge ‘flower hearts’ in cities around the world to express their hope that love will triumph. We, too, hope that this conflict will soon be resolved.

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