Sustainable trays: black and coloured

Publicatiedatum: 09-04-2021

Whichever tray you choose, you will always be choosing sustainability.

Our black trays are made of 100% recycled polypropylene (PS), and our well-known gloss layer is also made entirely from recycled material. Because all trays are too big to recycle with regular consumer waste, we work together with our supply chain partners to ensure that our trays and other products are returned to us as much as possible for recycling. This is our way of closing the material loop together!

Even our colour trays make for a sustainable choice. From our beautiful range of eleven standard colours, nine are made from recycled materials. The good news is that there's barely a difference in colour between recycled colour trays and those made of new plastic. We have recently developed neon green and orange trays made from recycled plastic. We have presented these colours to customers and the responses have been very positive. While they're not available for order just yet, you can ask for a sample!

Ask for your sample

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