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Modiform is researching European plastic recycling streams

Making sustainable choices starts with knowledge of waste streams
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Modiform releases new catalogue

Sustainable option goes without saying
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Modiform’s eco-Expert products made from recycled cardboard are now Cyclos-certified

Proof of sustainability for ecoExpert products!
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Raw materials shortages vs high demand for products

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Study on responsible use of plastic in horticulture

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Great plant presentation with presentation trays

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TrayC – another step closer to complete recycling

New returns system in Germany
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Modiform offers packaging solutions for Euro Stacking Boxes designed to fit 15 cm pots

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Sustainable trays: black and coloured

Whichever tray you choose, you will always be choosing sustainability.
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Modiform brings trends to hip Thomsen pots for 2021-2022

Sustainability and trendiness go hand-in-hand!
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Ambition: Horizon2025

Are you with us?
Pots in hip colours

An ambition that will shape horticulture!

Transport trays

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