Modiform Refined is our latest, most innovative product line of eco-conscious solutions for the horticultural supply chain. Modiform Refined products contains a significantly reduced percentage raw materials, without compromising on quality and strength.

Eco-conscious packaging
Modiform Refined is the answer to the growing demand for eco-conscious packaging in the horticulture sector. All Modiform Refined products meet the standards set for retailers to reduce their plastic consumption. This makes Modiform Refined an attractive choice for retailers. Being user-friendly, easy to stack, and more compact, the eco-conscious products also offer logistical and operational benefits for horticulture businesses.

Revolution in plastic solutions
Sustainability has been a core theme at Modiform since its foundation in 1980. We ensure this in our Closed Loop Commitment, which focuses on maximum preservation of raw materials. We are constantly innovating and are always looking to improve our solutions. 

Ready for the future
Modiform Refined is a smart, future-proof choice for growers and breeders. The eco-conscious products are easy to work with, are an attractive choice for retailers, and help horticultural businesses to become even more sustainable.