About Modiform

Modiform offers solutions in cultivation, transport, and packaging systems for the horticulture supply chain based on recycled raw materials.

We recover materials from the environment and upcycle these into high-quality, smart, and sustainable products. We always prefer to look forward rather than back, but we are also proud of our history. The late Jan van Heugten Sr founded Modiform in 1980. Modiform began by producing packaging for bakeries and confectioners. Not much later, we decided to focus on trays for horticulture and have since grown into a world player thanks to the various systems we offer the industry. Modiform was already actively engaged in responsible and sustainable business 45 years ago, and to this day we continue to take new steps towards a cleaner world.

We want to help our customers maximise profitability in every area: from product development to advice on promotion and recycling pots and trays. Modiform grows along with its customers and is always focused on being a reliable and flexible partner. We have the knowledge, experience, and technology to deliver suitable solutions. Doing everything in-house – from foil and product manufacture to storage, distribution, and recycling – means all of our processes are optimised.

Responsible business, innovative & open-minded, and cooperative.

Modiform is, and will remain, a family company. Sustainability, continuity, and our ambition are paramount. We owe our existence to our customers and would not exist without our employees. The very essence of what ensures our success as well as the success of our customers is in our DNA. That is why we are daring and can pursue great ambitions. The dot on the horizon is clear: by 2025, we want to kick out all virgin plastic by creating opportunities in our ecosystem! And by 2025, our operations will be CO2 neutral! And by 2025, we will be recovering 120% of our product volume from the environment!

Responsible business
We take the initiative and take action. We are aware of our responsibility toward people, animals, and the planet. We are focused on social needs: the market, our customers, and our employees.

Innovative & open-minded
We are open-minded and respond to new developments. We are optimistic. We identify opportunities. We are a leader. And we are constantly improving ourselves.

We are one team and work towards a common, transparent goal that we want to achieve together with you. We are doing this together and for each other!