Pristine: the next generation of trays

Pristine means pure, unspoilt. Pristine trays are made of 100% recycled polystyrene (PS) without dye additives. This means that the recycled material determines the colour of these trays. This is plastic in its purest form!

To make trays evenly black, a small amount of dye was previously added. By no longer using this additive, we are taking another significant step towards making the industry more sustainable. Pristine trays therefore contain no new plastic or dye additives. Therefore, the colour of the tray may vary. It will mostly appear to be black. During the different production stages, differences in the tint or shade may occur and a tray may also appear grey or dark grey. Pristine trays are the same trays — now without a gloss layer — as you are used to, but even more durable! Pristine trays make it even easier for you to engage in sustainable business practices. 

Pristine is going to be Modiform’s standard. The trays are already being used in the return system TrayC. Now the other transport trays are also being made as Pristine versions. At a later stage, this will extend to the propagation trays. If you would like to have your propagation tray made as a Pristine version as well, then we can do this for you! Please contact Sales Support for this.

  • Materials in their purest form
  • The recycled material used determines the colour
  • 100% recycled polystyrene (PS)
  • No dye added

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