Sustainability has always been very important to us. Thinking and acting sustainably have been in our DNA for forty years, even when it wasn’t commonplace. We are incredibly proud of this! We produce as much of our range from recycled materials as possible, and we are committed to ensuring that these products can be recycled again.


With our Closed Loop Commitment we focus on maximum preservation of materials. Therefore we are happy to help you recycling your trays.

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We are proud that we have been recycling in-house for over 30 years. Not only our own products but also the waste of our foil and production. We increased the capacity of our recycling department for PS material so that we can process even more returned material. We will be happy to collect your used PS trays so that they can be recycled and made into new trays.

Click here for our in-house recycling video or recycling flowcharts of pots and trays


Together, we are closing the material loop and aiming to create a plastic-free supply chain. That is why we are making it even easier to return polystyrene (PS) trays! Modiform will collect your trays, and you will receive a competitive payment for them. We will recycle the trays at our facilities and use them to produce new products. As you do not have to dispose of the trays yourself and the PS is reused, this is a simple way for you to help close the material loop!


  • The recycling order must be registered using the form below;
  • After registration, the pallets or bales must be ready for collection immediately;
  • Only PS material can be returned;
  • The trays must be neatly stacked on the pallet (not protruding) and – as far as possible – free of contaminants such as sand, water, other plastics, and materials;


  • Modiform calculates the amount of the payment on the basis of the kilograms weighed and the raw material price applicable at the time;
  • The payment is per kilogram of PS. Taking into account any contamination (sand, water, other plastics, and materials), the payment is based on 85% of the weighed kilograms;
  • Modiform charges 25 kilograms for a pallet including packaging and deducts these kilograms from the total;
  • If there is excessive contamination, Modiform must dispose of this as residual waste – the costs of processing or disposal will be charged to you.
  • In the Netherlands, Modiform will collect the used PS products free of charge; in other countries, standard transport costs will be charged.

Modiform will collect the PS trays within two weeks of the recycling order being registered.

Below is an example of a payment for a recycling order of 24 pallets:

Gross weight 7659 kg
24 pallets (25 kg each) -600 kg
Net weight 7059 kg

The payment is for 85% of the net weight, which corresponds to 6000 kg.

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