Sustainable concepts and actions

‘We are part of society and like to give something back. Modiform is continuously searching for ways to further give shape to sustainability.’ For instance, we are a partner in upcycling: we gather materials from society and add value by turning them into smart, high-quality, trendsetting products.

We upcycle raw materials and turn them into unique concepts and products, such as growing, transport, or packaging systems for horticulture and many other sectors.

Besides that, we continue to reduce our water and energy consumption and bring down CO2 emissions at our production locations and in our production processes. Working with our chain partners, we are able to create more sustainable products with a strong added value for today's and tomorrow's world.

Modiform is one of the founding fathers of Benefits of Nature (BON). BON aims to show the environmental impact of the various links in the chain, making visible the full carbon footprint of a product up to the point it reaches the consumer. As soon as a component in the chain improves its environmental performance, this can immediately be seen in relation to the end product.

Software has been developed through Ecochain that calculates the environmental impact of each individual product based on the input of all raw materials. It looks at the entire chain, from the materials supplier to the end consumer. Modiform already has a licence for this software. Since 1 September 2016 we have been able to show how we perform per product. A number of large retailers are already very interested in applying this tool.