Seeds of success

Modiform is, and will remain, a family company. That means that continuity and long-term vision are given top priority. We owe our existence to our clients and would not exist without our employees. The essence of Modiform is what ensures our success as well as the success of our clients. This is why we continually support our...


We pay careful attention to the client and the market. Client requests always guide what we do. Together, we produce trendsetting solutions and create distinctive products and concepts with added value.
Modiform is a flexible organization that evolves along with its customers, with maximum focus on reliability and sales support. Modiform links a solution-orientated approach to a high service level. In this way, Modiform contributes to the return for our clients.

Client promise
To our clients and the market, we pledge a spirit of enterprise and dedication to sustainable solutions for growing, transport, and packaging needs.


We satisfy our clients' demands with top quality, quick service, and client-focus. Our extensive range of standard products as well as more specialized products are almost always in stock and can be supplied immediately. In addition to this, we develop customized products and concepts on the basis of clients' wishes. This can range from unique print jobs or product concepts to specific packaging solutions. In this way, Modiform is able to create products that respond to our clients' as well as consumers' wishes. Modiform offers bespoke work – anywhere and at any time.

We aim to continually improve product quality through extensive product development, machinery modernization, and quality control improvements.


We improve and innovate in everything we do. In our products and services, our materials and techniques, our processes and support. 

And because innovation is in our people's genes, Modiform is able to access talent and ideas both within and outside the organization. We are eager to utilize the entire innovative energy of our employees, clients, and partners.


We are a family company and are connected to each other and our clients. We are team players, a unified whole throughout the entire chain, and we collaborate intensively with colleagues both inside and outside Modiform. Together we can do more!


Thinking and acting sustainably is in our genes. That was how Modiform started. Corporate social responsibility and sustainable production are our core values. Modiform is constantly and actively seeking out ways to shape our sustainability even further. This involves creating a safe and inspiring working environment for our employees, as well as promoting sustainable production. Modiform is constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve in terms of reducing water and energy use, limiting CO2 emissions, and using materials sustainably.