Gino Van Helleputte as Sales Consultant for Thomsen’s injection moulding range

Publicatiedatum: 07-11-2023

Advice on sustainability, presentation, and crop optimisation

Leusden/Wormhout, November, 7th, 2023 – Since Modiform took over the French company Thomsen in 2018, the synergy between both companies has led to greater possibilities for the development of client-specific options and new concepts. With its range of injection moulding solutions for cultivation, transport, and packaging systems, Thomsen has been integrated into Modiform step by step. We are delighted to announce that, as of 1 November, Gino Van Helleputte will be drawing on his in-depth expertise and many years of experience to advise and help growers with issues concerning sustainability, presentation, and crop optimisation in his new role as Senior Sales Consultant. Gino tells us: ‘Modiform is bringing unique innovative products to the market with the help of improved injection moulding techniques, among other things. Modiform Refined is a good example of this. I think it is a wonderful challenge to be able to make a difference in future together with my Sales colleagues.’

Modiform Refined is Modiform’s latest, most innovative product line of lighter-weight injection moulding solutions. The Modiform Refined products contain a significantly reduced percentage of raw materials without compromising on quality and strength. Gino Van Helleputte explains: ‘In my new job, my team and I will primarily focus on the further roll-out of existing products and the introduction of new injection moulding products. With my many years of experience in the field and my love and passion for our sector, my focus is and always has been to provide quality. Not only quality in terms of our products, but also in terms of our relationships with professionals across the supply chain. Because, after all, we can only make a difference by working together.’

Research & development
According to John van der Maarel, Modiform’s Sales Director, Gino, aided by his team, is the right person for growers to talk to about any issues that they have: ‘Gino and Modiform have always had a close connection, and Gino has been involved with Modiform for over forty years. We are therefore delighted that he is willing to continue sharing his expertise and experience with our customers. After Thomsen and Modiform joined forces, we invested in moulds and machines. We will keep on using our resources to further develop existing product lines and continue developing new innovative products along with our own R&D department. We prefer doing this with our customers and, thanks to our location in Wormhout, have all the solutions we need to resolve injection moulding issues. Gino will provide input on this at both strategic and operational level.’

Sustainability is an important pillar in this regard.Modiform’s focal points of sustainability come together in its Closed Loop Commitment. The material loop must and can be closed. Using the right materials and production techniques reduces products’ environmental impact. The Closed Loop Commitment consists of many building blocks: from sharing knowledge to producing recycled and recyclable products made from materials like plastic or alternatives like cardboard for the ecoExpert range. To this end, Modiform focuses on cooperation with a number of parties in the supply chain, from breeder and grower to trade and retail. Modiform collects materials from wider society and upcycles these into high-quality and unique products as well as innovative concepts.

Contact: Gino Van Helleputte
+32 475 460 866

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