Try the new 160-hole tree tray!

Publicatiedatum: 11-05-2020

The best tray for your crop. Doesn’t that sounds great?

Modiform has added a new tray to its range of tree trays: the 160-hole tree tray (item number: 2583). This tray is suitable for tree and plant cuttings such as box (buxus), yew (taxus), conifers, and various grasses.

2583 tree tray 160

  • Perfect for automation because of the design of the cup and the folded edge.
  • Strong tray; does not bend in the middle when it is filled with young plants.
  • Cost saving because this tray enables you to grow more plants per/ m².
  • Prevents root rotation.
  • Trays suitable for recycling. Closing the material loop together!

The best tray for your crop. Doesn’t that sounds great? Request your sample now!

The trays consist of over 98% recycled PS material. We will collect the used trays from you, and Modiform will recycle them on its premises to make new trays. That way, we can close the material loop together!

See the product leaflet for more information on the new 160-hole tree tray.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Joyce Langeslag, account manager Propagation by e-mail at or by telephone on +31 (0)6 83 592 536.

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