Modiform chooses Solinatra® to reduce carbon footprint and use natural resources responsibly

Publicatiedatum: 03-07-2024

LEUSDEN, THE NETHERLANDS – Modiform, the leading global supplier of cultivation, transport and packaging systems for the horticultural supply chain, is taking a major step forward in its ambition to minimise the use of fossil-based virgin plastics thanks to the new partnership with Solinatra. The agreement highlights both companies' commitment to a green and sustainable future.

Modiform and Solinatra are jointly taking the lead in developing and marketing biobased and biodegradable growing pots. Made by Modiform using Solinatra® material, these fully natural, plant-based pots offer growers a 100% natural, fossil and PFAS-free, cold soil compostable solution. After the cultivation period they can be planted straight into soil with the plants, where they biodegrade.

The Modiform natural pots with Solinatra have been successfully tested in commercial nurseries for the production of garden and indoor plants and leafy greens. The pots have also been shown not to have a negative effect on plant growth. One grower involved in the pilot projects commented: "Plants produced in the Solinatra pots grow entirely as you would expect; it's great to have a fossil free solution!"

As a major international manufacturer of growing pots, propagation trays, packs and transport trays, Modiform expects its partnership with Solinatra to lead to the launch of multiple new products per year that will help Modiform to achieve its goals of reducing its carbon footprint and using natural resources responsibly.

Robert de Jong, CEO of Solinatra, at the signing: "Solinatra and Modiform are a perfect match: plant-based pots for sustainable plants! It is an earth-to-earth solution for responsible cultivation. At Solinatra we strive for a world without plastic waste through innovation. This partnership with Modiform signifies a huge reduction in CO2 emissions.”

Peter Linthorst, CEO of Modiform, adds: "Our plastic growing pots, which are made of recycled plastic, are themselves fully recyclable. Unfortunately, we are not yet seeing enough recycling taking place in all sales areas. Biodegradable pots can be a solution to this. In addition, there are specific applications for these ‘cold soil compostable plant pots’ and related products. Our biodegradable pots ensure healthy plants and help support nature without compromising on quality.”

Biobased and biodegradable growing pots will have their fair share of the growing pot market of the near future and will contribute to a world without litter. Modiform and Solinatra believe that transparency and deep insights into footprint calculations will help them and their customers to make better decisions, together with their partners.

About Modiform
Modiform is dedicated to providing environmentally responsible products and solutions ​that meet their customers' needs and legislative requirements. ​Modiform wants to be seen as the party driving positive change throughout the horticulture sector in the area of horticultural packaging and growing solutions. These innovations will enhance productivity, reduce resource consumption, and promote healthier ecosystems. Modiform is committed to minimise their environmental footprint, from eco-conscious packaging to energy-efficient manufacturing processes.

About Solinatra
Solinatra, the Dutch sustainable innovation company, specialises in replacing fossil based plastics with 100% natural, plant-based, PFAS-free materials with the aim of avoiding plastic waste and reducing CO2 emissions. These materials offer all the advantages of plastic without the disadvantages and are fully biodegradable and compostable, leaving behind no microplastics. To achieve these goals, Solinatra has defined several core markets, including the horticulture sector.

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