Modiform offers packaging solutions for Euro Stacking Boxes designed to fit 15 cm pots

Publicatiedatum: 19-04-2021

Say goodbye to wobbly pots in boxes thanks to our newly developed tray!


Plants that fit in 15 cm pots are often placed loosely in a Euro Stacking Box. Modiform's newly developed 4115 transport tray makes that a thing of the past. The new transport tray fits ten 15 cm pots into a single Euro Stacking Box. The pots can now be placed directly on the tray, significantly reducing damage and minimising handling.

This strong transport tray protects pot plants even more during transport and is easy to lift without dropping the pots. The pots no longer need to be painstakingly placed in a Euro Stacking Box one at a time. The height differences also ensure optimum loading onto the tray. The 4115 can hold five 15 cm pots, and two trays fit into a Euro Stacking Box. There is also a better load per pallet when packing into a Euro Stacking Box. John van de Maarel (Sales Director at Modiform) says, ‘We’re pleased to offer an efficient and sustainable packaging solution with this tray – one that meets the needs of growers.’

It's ideal!

Commercial grower, Gebr. Van der Salm B.V., already uses these trays. ‘This tray is developed in a way that saves us handling costs during plant transport, and what's more, the plants are also better protected. We are very satisfied with this product,’ says Ruud Drost. The switch to 4115 transport trays is ideal for growers who are currently using Modiform’s propagation pot 15 cm 8°, the Thomsen PotContainer® High 5° 15 cm, or the Thomsen propagation pots 8° Azalea 15 cm. The 4115 tray is only available from Modiform and its partners.

Sustainable solution

The tray is made of 100% recycled polypropylene (PS). Black trays are not recycled with regular consumer waste. That's why we work together with our supply chain partners to ensure that our trays and other products are returned to us as much as possible for recycling. This is how the material loop is closed.

Closed Loop Commitment

The focal points for sustainability come together in Modiform's Closed Loop Commitment. The material loop must and can be closed. By using the right materials and production techniques, the pressure caused by products on the environment is reduced. The Closed Loop Commitment consists of many building blocks: from sharing knowledge to producing recyclable products made from recyclable materials (like plastic or alternatives like cardboard) for the EcoExport range. Modiform focuses on the various links in the supply chain and is always looking for ways in which the various parties can collaborate, from breeder and grower, to trade and retail. Modiform supports, facilitates, and develops a whole spectrum of solutions – from simple to complex – for packaging needs and consequently adds value for the client. Thinking and acting sustainably is in the genes of this family company. Modiform collects materials from wider society and upcycles these into high-quality and unique products as well as innovative concepts.

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