Newey Ltd (UK) and Modiform with a shared sustainable vision!

Publicatiedatum: 21-12-2020

Newey Ltd and Modiform have developed a long standing relationship in working collaboratively over many years with a shared vision to provide a sustainable environmental solution to its customer base. Recently, Newey and Modiform agreed a roadmap to satisfy the ambitions of both companies. Building on what is already a very close working relationship, it was agreed that the biggest  challenge is sustainability and the role we all need to play in maintaining a future for the next generation. 

We have launched our ambition ‘Horizon2025’ to kick out virgin plastic in the year 2025. This  involves increasing our  already substantial range of kerbside recyclable products, as well as developing new materials. Newey have already switched from black to grey, non-carbon black pots and an extensive range of transparent green PET bedding packs as part of the continued programme of innovation and sustainability. The next joint venture is to look at large scale trials on ecoExpert pots and trays. These pulp-based products are ideal for retailers as they eliminate the plastic issue all together, however, they do present a few challenges in relation to production and handling for growers. Plastic is a robust material and lends itself to high tech mechanical handling systems, and different growing conditions on nurseries. The use of pulp products will require a complete rethink due to the nature of the material. These challenges are not impossible, and both Newey and Modiform have agreed it is a worthwhile mission to tackle together.

Together we will shape the future. Will you join us on this journey?
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